10 Premium n cashless ways to pamper your kids!

It is not always about money which makes happy your kids. We are actually missing lot of ways to pamper our kids just like our parents or grand parents used to do with us. Earth, air,atmosphere and human all are same but technology and money is changing the life styles so rapidly that we are loosing the basic ways to live life.

So that way so many kids are looking at pampering the different perspective. Pampering means gadgets and fancy things for them. But yes we can change the way they look at life now a days by following simple steps.

1- Grand Parents connection – Be it his or her parents in couple just let your kids go frequently to them, learn things and discuss with them for long hours. Companionship is best if it is from bloodrelatives.The kids feel confident and more experienced too. They get an extra pair of ears to listen to their doubts and happiness day by day.

2- Long naps – Let your kids sleep once in a while for long. They will feel relaxed and fresh.In busy educational schedules this kind of breaks actually helps them in getting up feeling more pampered from your side.

3- Favorite home made food – Kids always love most the food they loved since childhood and lot many times chances are that they love what mother or grand mother used to cook for them. Let them enjoy personal touch. Cook for them and show that you care.One of the best way to pamper your kid is self cooking.It takes time and passion to do that.

4- Bed time stories – No matter how small they are or how big they are, talk to them while they are about to retire for bed. Bed time stories, small talks or some personal problem discussion.Let them feel important and a strong hug gives them instant feeling of being cozy and stress free.

5- Head and foot massage – After bath foot massage feels great and while they are off to bed head massage gives great comfy feeling. Do it every second day without missing it. Set alarm for it and give them head and foot massages. The personal touch is very important if kids are very young or teenagers. It keeps them focused in family too.More personal touch you have with kids on regular basis less they are attracted to wrong people around them.

6- Exploring new things – New art, new game, new show on tv whatever is new explore with them. ask their opinion, ask them to learn and teach and let them feel that their help matters a lot. You will get extra pair of eyes and mind to help you out with a feel that they are capable of helping you out. One of my friend do this a lot and now a days she is learning computer programming from her 12 years old daughter.

7- Small rides together – If small kids take a small belted ride in front seat and if it is adult kid than also let him sit with you and go out for a ride together. They will learn the way you drive or follow the rules of traffic. Or if they are adult kid and have driving license  than also you can ask them to take you to somewhere you don’t know in the city. Let them drive and you can also explore new ways to go there. It is actually a different way to go same road but with different view.

8- Cuddling – Yup kids love cuddles from parents. Cuddles make our world much better because it gives an instant feeling of being loved and pampered. And it is free too. How do u feel yourself when your father hugs you or some good friend hugs you?Same with kids. Hug them tight and cuddle them. Everyday try to cuddle them.

9- Laughing together – Yes it is also getting rare within family to laugh together. And no jokes are actually required too.If you ever had some maddening n giggling memory than recall it or share some tv show moments too. Getting a laugh together is a best way to pamper your kids. They feel happy and more closer to you.

10- Talk their school or office – Show interest and let them tell you about their classmates or colleagues. Their teachers or bosses. Start a never ending talk so tat if something great happens in school they will feel more urge to tell you first. Don’t let the social technology take their life for granted. Be the first person to hear the thing.Finest way to pamper them.

Happy life!

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