11 Tips to enjoy MIA Park bazar(every Friday & Saturday).

1- MIA park Bazar is upto April end each Friday & Saturday.Timings are around 12 pm to 8-9 pm. They are specific about opening and closing timings so please keep that in mind before stepping out. They rarely allow visitors in the cars as that time vendors downloading n uploading times are pre fixed. But you can park outside somewhere and walk in, maximum vendors setup their tables in before 12 Pm noon.So that way you might face bit of parking chaos there.

2- Wear flat shoes/sandals. Flipflops or sport shoes are best. It is a huge park with amazingly big parks and amazing scened ocean front.

3- Car parking issues make people to avoid this place so try to be early bird or relax yourself for a while. Try Karwa taxis or pool the cars with known ones. Just get down from taxi, enjoy the bazar and ride back in taxi. You are going to save lots of hassles of driving n parking by doing this. Best thing is to get down by the own car, start walking in and meanwhile the driving person can park somewhere and join the family in a while.

4- Take a mat, eatables and drinks with you. Plan a whole day outing as Museum of Islamic Arts is surrounded by sprawling green lawns, water bodies, ocean sides and considered one of the best n most beautiful place (museum) in the world maps. It is serene and magnificent. Kudos to the designers and implementors. It is like a true group meditation for a family. If you live in Qatar, this should be your weekend get away.

5- Keep a close eye on your kids while they go for playing around or to use the washrooms. MIA park got one washroom in the little forest side(interiors of the park) it remains open and another one in the museum itself which closes at 6.30 pm.

6- Keep few bucks extra in your pocket. Museum got only one ATM inside, near the restaurant. It closes at 6.30 pm. So better keep extra cash in wallet. All vendors sell at cash only. Prices are very lucrative and you will find lot many fashion accessories out of this world(trust me). If you are short of cash and really liked something, take the no. of vendor, pay them little advance and ask for home delivery or pick it up later from them or in the next bazar.

7- Suggest your kids to not to touch the tables displaying the stuff. They might cause damages to the small vendors unknowingly. Be particular about this. Lot many times kids keep sticky fingers on clothes etc which cause heavy damages to the vendors.

8- If you are a bachelors, avoid staring at female vendors or standing uselessly near the female buyers as well. If you have no intentions of buying keep walking and avoid clicking pictures or selfies near the females.It might land you in troubles as security people keep a very close eye on such things. If you are female visiting Qatar first time or MIA bazar first time, please respect the local culture and dress modestly.

9- Do not ask vendors to open multiple clothes or things from the wrappers if you have no intentions to buy. And please avoid giving false promises like keep it and I will come back to never return back. If you are honest with your buying, pay them little advance as well. It matters.

10- Take lot of water with you if you have longer stay in the MIA intended. Parks are huge and kids play a lot. They get thirsty as well. Little water bottles means you might end up buying water again n again.

11- Encourage grown up kids to accompany you. Visit the museum as well. Let them relax from the senior studies and get some fresh air. It will help them from reducing the stress too.

12- Any issues, you can reach the security guards for help. They are lot many and very helpful, active and sober. They all are well connected with each other via walkie talkies n mobiles. Always eager to listen and help out all. This makes bazar very safe and happy place for family outings.

Looking forward to welcome you all each weekend at MIA Park bazar at the beautiful n sprawling lush green lawns of Museum of Islamic Arts!

This amazing park bazar is free space for small home based vendors with free table, free two chairs and free electric sockets for lighting etc..

God bless our patrons with immense success and happiness in the life. Our heartiest gratitude to the Royals for being such a big heart and generous. God bless them. Hope they all know that how happy is their public and expats community.

Author sells beautifully handcrafted antique, metal, raisin and wooden handbags (clutches) at the park.

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