Late evening snacking for kids.

I take home tuitions for kids. Some kids are growing up fast being teenagers and some are on the way to become preteens.

Because I take two subjects in one go so after completing one subject, I give them snack break. Lot many times I serve cold coffee, cold drinks, squashes and mix ins. Same with snacks like biscuits or salties.

But I realized that kids actually want something filling and satisfying all the time. They want big portions and great taste. Which readymade biscuits or cold drinks never able to do.

When I started serving home made snacks, sweets and salties they all became very appreciative as well.

It was a high time for me to return to kitchen more seriously with several thoughts in mind to think about “what all can I make for them?”.

And winners was mathri, laddus and barfis. I agree little hard work but the results are immensely satisfying with jars full of snacks for few days.Kids are also happy.

Having few home made goodies in jars means you can be free from making rounds to the market too. Try it!


My favorite snacking list is –

1- Methi mathri

2- Suji laddus

3- Besan ki barfi

4- Kaju barfi

5- Almonds barfi

6- Til laddus

7- Besan ke sev

8- Chivda

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