Five points to follow when feel empty in a relationship.

Life is not a bed of roses. Relationships are one true example of it. So when you start feeling empty handed you need to handle such situation with a stable mind towards a positive direction.

1- Stay calm – Speak less and do not ask for attention. Start enjoying the loneliness. Too much attention giving or trying to receive is not an option for a healthy growth of a stable relationship. You can not have watermelon everyday every moment. So control your own mood swings and stay back.

2- Find your creativity – Start writing a diary, blog or step out to click pictures. Edit them and be active on social media. Join some groups and start some social initiative. Surround yourself with busy moments.

3- Respect yourself – Step in front of mirror. Admire yourself. Smile at you and look gorgeous. Feel happy on your own looks. Touch yourself. Apply good makeup, take good haircut and give special attention to yourself. You are precious.

4- Hold the communication – Stop nagging, stop communicating with backbiters, stop calling negative people around. Cut the cords.Shoo off hatred spreaders.

5- Pray – Meditate, focus on beautiful moments till now happened to you and pray. Sit quite and breathe deep. Give your inner self peace and happy thoughts. Divert your mind towards more positive things and something bigger to do in life. Do not make or tie your life to one person who is continuously ignoring you or may be too busy to see you around or may be he is satisfied that he got you at home so busy in bigger goals to achieve. You can follow the path and try to find yourself again.

But cutting the cords and setting yourself free is not a solution. Feel proud on what God already gave you so far. Feel happy for your long relationship and things you have enjoyed together. Be there where you are and start enjoying your own company.

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