8 Genuine ways to help and get less issues from your house help.

Now a days lot many times we keep complaining that our house helps are continuously taking leaves or talking back or leaving job without giving right reasons too. We actually do not realize that 80% times it is our behavior which cause damages in our relationships indirectly.We are going to discuss 8 genuine points to keep them joined in your service for longer time that is too without hassles or manipulations.

1- Smile regularly – Let them know that they are welcomed and appreciated in your household. Nobody wishes to enter a house with frowning faced persons.Smiles are contagious and helps people returning to you more often.

2- No backbiting – It is hard but still if you are not praising, do not complain too. Neighbors,relatives(who live nearby) and friends are major culprits for your house-help issues unknowingly. Praise got heavy feet but complains fly fast like dry forest fire. Keep your personal issues with your house-help to yourself. Avoid making them major issues and this may cause image damages for both of you i.e. you and your house-help. Reason is that you will tell 2-3 things about them to outsiders and when you house helps comes to know they may add more spice to this by disclosing your personal secrets to these backbiters.

3- Hydration – Mentally and physically keep them hydrated. Mentally hydration means speak less and let them work. The lesser you speak more they will work. Do not waste their time in gossiping. You may loading them with more emotional stress by discussing your personal problems indirectly.

Keep feeding them fresh water or good milkshakes instead of giving them left over food. They may not be able to consume lot of water or nutritious things being working in lot many homes all the time. Avoid passing on rotten and many days old rotten food too. If something you are not able to digest or feel uncomfortable how can you expect them to have it and stay healthy too. This is a major issue with cheap minded house wives who give rotten food to house helps in the name of social service but actually they wish to clean the fridge all the time. Check the food and calculate your house help’s routine to reach back home. If it can be rotten by that time please do not give it.

4- Financial clarity – Do not say yes for any kind of advance money or big amount loans when you are in happy mood. Just remember one line “I will check and get back to you soon”. Calculate yourself first that how many times you ask your boss for the same or talk to your bank for such conditions. Giving small loans in good faith are major reasons of fights in between in you and your house helps.

Never ever offer financial help if it is not urgent and honest. You may feel being generous but you are giving insecurity complexes to them for lying to you and finally they leave the job all of sudden in the fear of being a liar.

If you start taking notes of very loyal and long staying in jobs kind of house helps, you will be shocked to know that maximum of them took loans very rarely and got raises in salaries too very less (once in a year or two). Honest people are not born it is your own policies through which you help a person to grow being honest for through out her/his career.

5- Unwanted help – Never give unasked gifts or goods. More you give more you will raise their expectations. Stay on what financial terms you both agreed upon always. Small tips for some occasions are ok but all the time giving your old stuff, food or un-asked cash makes them curious and greedy too for more. Finally they ended in being frustrated if your gifting stops or they expect something big and you say no.

6- Holidays issues – On the very first day clear them the rules. Instead of being generous and creating a confused nuisance later make a attendance chart and hang it somewhere.Calculate each days salary and write it on each day too. Let them sign it everyday after completing the full work. It will create less confusion and they will be more focused too. They should know that you are concerned about paying them honestly not uselessly for unwanted holidays.Ask them to give you optional replacements too for any emergency holidays. Just remember one thing if they are out of home to work they know they need to work hard.

7- Extra work and personal presentation – Fix in start that what is your work, how much you will pay, how many holidays and how much you will pay for extra work. Speak less about your personal issues too.Help yourself more when they arrive.Being lazy means they will offer more help and more you will be in trouble when they take leave.

Be active and once or twice in a month do few things yourself what they are supposed to do. They will be alerted and avoid taking any useless holidays too. Be tidy and active when they are around. No matter how new you are in locality never ask them for cheap things available around or markets or tailors. Ask neighbors but not your new house helps.Avoid all kind of unasked for helps from them. Explain that you will do it personally later. The more needy you show yourself more dominating they will become later.

8- Eye contacts – Just avoid it. Do not try to have long conversations with them with direct eye contacts.They read your happiness of work completed, their arrival on time and frowning too.Avoiding eye contacts can make them alert about being more attentive in their work. It is a major psychological trick celebrities use to handle their staff and fans. Try it and it really works. Let your house help trace your face for direct eye contact and if they find you not interested they divert to their work more attentively. TRY IT since start.

Basically we are the major culprits for their irresponsibility. We wish to have a loyal professional worker like us in home but without treating them as a professional. There is nothing like “they are family members too”. Noway. Sorry. You are paying them and you do not pay your family members. You hired a professional person for the work and treat them like one too for getting a smooth life.

All the best. 👍🏻

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