My selfie is my inner happiness!

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This selfie was taken by me at the shores of peninsula in Doha Qatar. I wore my new ZARA furry jacket and I was feeling overwhelmed with its amazing warmness. People around me working in the fair(I sell beautiful bags in a weekend bazar) said I was looking amazing. So I decided to capture a beautiful sunset moment near the corner of Museum of Islamic Arts with my selfie. It turned out perfect in one go. Clicked by my Iphone7plus -256 GB.

Clicking a selfie is totally a technical issue with a strong mix of your emotional happiness. I said this because you click selfies when you are very happy and confident. Have you ever saw anybody clicking their selfies when they are angry or crying? See! This is what I meant.

So basically when you feel happiness bubbling out of your heart and meanwhile a great balloon full of helium of confidence is over your head you circling zing zang zing you click a selfie.

After that comes a tadka of makeup apps in your smart phones. They are quite capable of making you Liz Taylor or Cleopatra or Ms. Universe in few clicks. Heeee Heeee Heee!

Yup! You can remove freckles/blemishes, wrinkles, eye-bags and as well as can do makeup too. So basically an average woman who clicks selfie on regular basis can make herself beautiful in few clicks n taps here and there within few seconds.

All you need to do is to know your right angle of looking best, keeping your chin higher and looking towards your left shoulder, smile and click it. After that use free apps like Insta beauty and you cam makeup (many more).

Here you go with great pictures with high confidence. But yes lot many times virtual female friends may say no to meet personally to you because of this reason too. People start feeling insecure that they don’t look good in real as they do in pictures. Well this is a big cost of all that virtual beauty.

So here is another trick. Just click your selfie in medium light and post if you are not interested in using makeup apps.

Yuhuuuu! Never thought that one day I will be writing a quick selfie post. But yes here it is.

I am quite anxious to see what this company’s mobile is actually offering in its camera feature for selfie freaks like me.

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