A quick magical weight loss tricks(program).

Yes! Finally something good in hand to loose my little flab on tummy, waist and bums.

If you want quick results please do try these tricks too.

1- Apple cider vinegar – the trick which works(in real) ~

Early morning take one glass of lukewarm water, drink it and leave 2 sips water in it and mix in 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar. Drink it in one gulp. Just after finishing the glass full of water do it immediately.

Reason – You may not tolerate a full glass of water with vinegar mixed in it. So drink the water and vinegar mixed with little water later.

2- Cabbage, cucumber, carrot and beetroot with curd – The roughage for your tummy balance.

Make 2-3 cups of raita(mixed curd) with cabbage, cucumber carrots, and beetroot. Mix in black salt and powdered pre fried cumin seeds. Now mix it well. Skip dinner and take this as meal. But say no to any kind of sugar or dinner after 5 pm. Just this mixed curd as smoothie for dinner nothing else.

Early morning 20-30 minutes brisk walking a must. After a week you will see amazing changes in your body weight for sure.

So basically it is combination program for Apple cider vinegar+dinner alteration +exercise. That is why it works faster.

Please do try it for once to check the weight loss miracle.

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