Myth bursting details for the participation on most famous bazar of Qatar(MIA Park bazar).

Here are few suggestions and myth bursting facts about this most famous weekend bazar of Doha Qatar. Hope lot many people will be benefitted after reading this myth burster article based on my own experiences as vendor there.

I don’t claim that I know everything but yes this is a very honest review.

1- Send email with your QID Copy and items pictures you want to sell to the organizers. Email id given below.

2- They are going to verify, check and approve your application to send confirmation letter. Wait for it.

3- There are approx 300 tables and several hundred applicants so you need to be very specific n good in your letter writing. Organizers are highly qualified true professionals who select the vendors.Have patience and try not to send many mails in one go.

4- Cloth vendors are already there too much so right now they are not accepting and selecting these kind of vendors.(I read in their page/group).

5- Selling n profit myth (you shall all be aware) – Do not try your luck if you see people selling there a LOT and you feel you can be a billionaire by selling there. There are mid month and last of the month time when you go back home without a single sell or little sell. Be ready for several weeks with very little selling.

6- So is food stalls. Be mentally prepared that if not much sell is there where you will consume the big quantity of left overs?

7- May be soon it is not going to be free too. They are having plans to increase the facilities so there are suggestion for monthly voluntary contributions too.

8- Bargaining is too high and people will expect you least profited product @zero prices too. Lot many visits there for real expensive items for free. Your item cost is 35 Qar in real and you wanna sell it @reasonable 40 Qar for 5 as profit but buyers thinks that you are taking 35 as profit and thing is actually 5 Qar only. Almost 65% gentry is like that.

9- The real good buyers are Europeans and Arabs. Who come and buy at your prices but with good bargain. But they don’t buy each thing. They want real good quality and unique items.

10- Please do try your luck only if you really feel that you can actually sell. It includes loads of hard work of sitting in heavy winds, rains and weather flows as it is an open market. Your own high quality gazebo/tent along-with a heavy duty loader is MUST. As now a days mist starts pouring after 5-6 pm and items go heavily wet too. And lot many good buyer come after 6.30 pm only.For loading the goods to reach your table your own loader is going to be real helpful too.

11- The organizing committee provides a big table and two chairs along-with a power socket for free. If you feel your items need extra space try to take an extra table with you.

12- Yes, there is always a waiting list of cancelled on time table applications but it all depends on the luck only. There is a big queue of vendors standing there with stuff along-with.

13- There is a good sale indeed if your items are unique and reasonably priced.

14- You need to be there all the time without leaving your table being un attended and to be look after by fellow vendors too. It creates discomfort for them. So make sure if it is possible to take one more attendee with you.

Hope your queries has been answered. So now send the email to [email protected]

MIA park bazar organizing committee is actually a most honest and happy heart joint of few very hardworking volunteers who believe in providing high quality environment to the customers and vendors so you will definitely feel honored when you receive confirmation and participate in this amazing weekend bazar.

All the best!

** I suggest you all who are highly interested in participation to visit this fair three times before moving your application. 1 Time prior to opening time to see how vendors work to set up the stall. 1 Time during the closing time. And 1 time during the mid month or end of the month.

Please do not be mistaken for the crowd at food stalls for big customer base in the bazar. End of the month people may not buy luxurious items but park visiting people do buy food for obvious reasons. So lot many time crowd is there indeed but not real buyers.

Food stalls are too good actually. Very good food indeed. Prices are little bit high but quality is far better than high end restos. Especially Turkish kebabs and Kunafa stall.

I sell Kashmiri Bohemian beach bags and metal clutches there. 😂 This bazar is amazingly happy place. You get real feel of Qatar. Bring your own mats, table chairs and food for picnic too. < strong>I don’t feel like going to malls now. Its such a panoramic place to be in. 💗

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