Arbi ke chatpatey patodey! 

We get arbi(ghuiyan) ke pattey (green leaves) very rarely in Doha Qatar. So this time when one of arbi sprouted I put one in my kitchen garden garden planter quietly.

 After almost one month I got 5 big green leaves. Good enough to make few patodeys.We call them as patodey in UP. Later on I saw them in Chandani Chowk, Delhi at chaat sellers too.

I love this amazing spicy recipe.

Ingredients – 

5-6 Arbi leaves

2 Cups of besan (chickpea flour)

According to taste salt

1 Tbsp jeera (cumin seeds)

1 Tbsp dhania powder (dry coriander powder) 

1 Tsp Heeng

1/2 Tsp amchoor (dry mango powder)

1 Tbsp Haldi powder (turmeric powder)

2 Cloves garlic crushed or grated

4 Tbsp desi ghee or mustard oil (no refind oil)

Water for making batter

Desi ghee for frying

Method – 

1- Except leaves mix all ingredients together and make a real thick batter.

2- Take a big flat plate and spread the biggest arbi ka patta (leave) on it. Apply thick batter to it all over.

3- Put one spatula full of batter and apread it with water wet fingers.

4-Put next leave on it and repeat the batter spreading process.

5- When all 5-6 leaves are battered, roll it like spring roll and close from all sides like envelope.

6- Put it in the hot water boiling steamer and steam on lowest flame for 15-20 minutes. 

7- Let it cool down very well.

8- Now start slicing from the extreme corner from right to left. Slice thinnest possible but also try not to break it so better keep the slices little thicker.

9- Heat up a non stick pan or tava on lowest flame and put some desi ghee generously into it like 4-5 tbsps. Now keep all slices closely into it and fry from both sides golden brown.

10- Serve it with green coriander- mint chutney and tamarind sweet chutney(sonth).

11- If you need more taste you can take little curd too with it. 

Happy cooking! 😛


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