Miracle drink for Kids white hairs problem! 

My son is 14 years and some how he started having white hairs a lot. I thought may be it is kind of vitamin deficiency and after trying several chewable tablets and vitamin c tablets this recipe worked for him. 

I was on a call to my old cook and his wife and when I mentioned about my son’s white hair problem they suggested it as well trusted remedy.

Within 2 weeks white hairs started being black again. It is working somehow. May be it depends person to person but I suggest you to try this for a month or so to see the effect in your kid.

Clarification – This recipe is only for upto 16 years old kids because their body is still in process of developing. They can digest more and can consume good protein more than adults.Yes qty mentioned is ok for single serving per kid. It make one average big glass of almond milk. So while giving this you can skip animals generated milk as this almond n dates mix is a vegan milk itself.


1/4 cup almonds

8 medium sized dates

Method – 

1- Soak almonds and dates in separate bowls in Luke warm water overnight.

2- Next day morning throw the water of almonds and mix it with dates without throwing dates water. Deseed the dates now. 

3- Grind it for 10-12 stirs so that it can become finest paste.

4- Mix in 1 cup water and ask your kid to drink it immediately as first thing in the morning.

5- You can mix in green cardamom also for flavor.

6- But no sugar or honey at all.

7- Keep the almond skin on. No need to remove the skin. 

8- Keep giving it for 1 month minimu or two months for better effects. 

All the best.

One thought on “Miracle drink for Kids white hairs problem! 

  1. Ayesha says:

    Im not an Indian..but i love your posts..:)

    We have this genetic problem of premature Hair whitening ..so iam looking forward to try this for my kids..

    I would appreciate if you can post any tried and tested remedy for sharp eyesight..and excellent thick hair..as short sightedness is another genetic problem my family faces..:(

    Also something for thick strong hair..my daughter is just 8 and she has such limp weak lifeless hair..her hair falls a lot too..:( is it the water in Qatar??

    Another suggestion..if you could please for the benefit of non indian readers write parenting n lifestyle blogs in English..?? That would be great:)

    Thank you..
    Looking forward to your reply..

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