Each 12 + years plus boy must read this blog post! 

Sharing this post because I have loads of boys in family and friends who are growing up very fast. They are no more Mamma’s boys. They know a lot but still they need to learn more regarding personal hygiene and life style. Since one year being a Mom of 12 years old son I am noticing several confusions in his routine, his shynesss and his rolling eyes over tiny issues. It is obvious he is not alone.He is studies with a group of kids and all must be going through same kind of the changes. So when I stepped put of my usual Mommy skin like an advisor he was quite reluctant to hear but finally after following my advises he is more confident in stepping out. 

1- Facial shaving is not a crime – It is a very good habit to keep your face clean rather than others noticing your facial hairs with bit of laughing look. It is actually one of the worst thing you allow on your face. Either go to the barber and get the moustache look with well trimmed face or to retain chilidsh look keep your face well shaved. Not everyday but every third day you can shave if facial hairs are not much or once in a week. 

2- Clean and good smelled armpits boosts your own confidence – Do not let others point out that you smell bad. Ask parents for a deo stick. Check in the market for the longer staying mild fragranced deos. Clean n shave your armpits regularly and apply deostick. I still remember of few boys of my childhood class because their dirtiest smell only. It is very shameful and try to keep urself clean without bad smell.It is a confident posture with no smell which gives you right place in the front of others. 

3- Skin care should be top priority – Being dirty is no look. It gives own wrong impression to others. It is not expensive and can be done with few little things only. Take bath two times a day. Wash your face with water 4-5 times a day. Keep your towel and pillow seperate from others. If you are getting pimples than avoid oily things and drink loads of water. Buy one good quality facepack with mud and neem in it and apply every third in the night time.


4- Nobody likes stinky feet – After coming back from the school keep your feet open with slippers on. Do not roam around without slippers. Once the feet are out of shoes wash them immediately. Apply some cream if possible. Keep few unused teabags in your shoe.It will keep the smell out of them.

5- Your tiny personal hygiene like clothes, nails and hands are big issue – Trust me, well washed clean n ironed clothes are as important as well trimmed nails and soft hands are always a thing to maintain for the boys.It reflects how well behaved you are. Keeping your hands clean means you can control you facial skin problems 60% away always. So better start washing your hands more frequently. You are stepping ahead for more serious studies related to the career so keeping hands clean will keep you away from the general sicknesses too. Even your unwashed for several days pillow cover can give you accute dandruff or acne. So try to take care of your personal hygiene yourself and stay away from getting sick. 

6- Praying everyday is a must – It helps in relieving anxiety and stress from everyday routine of life. It is more than keeping a happy heart listening friend around. Building faith in religion means you are ready to take future responsibilities in a more sincere way. Talk to your mother regarding the prayers you want to do, timings and time duration.After taking bath is a good time but you can pray in the night bedtime also. 

7- Writing down your expences everyday – Maintain a dairy and try writing down your everyday  or every week’s expences. This habit will keep you aware that what are your basic expences and what are most useless expences.This habit comes in very handy in maintaining the monthly expences when you grow up. 

8- Respect to elders gives you great image in society – Your grand parents, your other elderly  relatives, your elderly neighbors, your friends relatives or anybody who is like your parents age or grand parents  age…set one great n happy way to respect all. Thsi will give you blessings, respect from others and will set your image for life long as one of the best kid on the block. It is ok to grow up like a carefree kid not paying much attentions to these kind of things but growing up into a man means you are ready to take on the world so better start with your self , with your own personality and own values for life! 

9- Last but most important point to respect the all females in your life – Start from your mother, sister, cousins, relatives wives, and outer world females i.e.  Your classmates and office colleagues later. Avoid standing or sitting too close. Control all urges if there any to touch anybody without their consent. Avoid those females or males too who want to hug you tight or call you alone to their houses. Just stay away n safe. Do not leave your younger sisters alone in house with male servants or relatives. Never use abusive words for any known or unknown females. 

All the best. 

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