Best recipe to make gourmet mango ice-cream at home

Being in Doha Qatar during this summer time means there is always a concern of having fresh things in plates to enjoy the season.

I love mangoes a lot and mango ice creams are my favorites. So when I started making mango ice creams at home, it was many times a lump of ice with ingredients or over soft runny texture.

After few trials and thoughts finally I started churning out my own wonderful gourmet mango ice cream.

Ingredients (tips are in this recipe itself) ~(Served 6 big portions).

1- 4 Cups sweet mangos pulp(gooda)I make this ice cream with only Badami Sinduri or Alphonso mangoes due to strong flavors, 2- 1 cup sugar powder(grind this sugar with 1 tbsp corn flour), 3- 1 Tin evaporated milk, 4- 1 Tbsp mango essence(optional but gives great test).

Method –

Grind sugar with cornflour and sift it. Take a mixi pot and grind mango pulp first, add powdered sugar and blend again, now add evaporated milk and mango essence. Blend it for few quick blends. Layer it in aluminum baking tin if possible or any good plastic container. Freeze it for 3-4 hours. Take it out and blend again. Now freeze it until done. Serve it.

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