How to retain moisture in your air-conditioned room.

Easy tricks to retain moisture in your air conditioned room.

As summer season is in peak, if you are facing dry skin, itchy ears, blood in nostrils or sudden dandruff as well as dry throat when you wake up, you have a extreme dry room and bad sleep air around you. 

Here are few simple tricks to retain moisture in the room without any expensive gadget. 

1- Keep a bucket full of water just opposite and down side of the AC. Water evaporates throughout the days or night.Keep changing it every day. Do not cover it. 

2- Big size towel wet with water. Dip this towel in water, squeeze access water and dry it in the room you are going to sleep. If you have more rooms like kids room or guest room, do it there as well. 

3- If your house is ground floor with free access to lawn and you can wash it. Please do it. Or throw some 2-4 Liters of water in a corner so that water keeps getting evaporate while you sleeping. 

4- Wash the curtains and hang them back. But only if you have easy hanging system and you can afford to do it everyday. 

5- Keep one big planter full of natural soil without chemicals in your air conditioned room and pour enough water in it so that it can evaporate moisture throughout the day. 

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