Dry plums and Afghani sabziwala bhaiya.

It was a lovely evening and finally Kutkut cane out with me to buy groceries and vegetables.

Basically going with him is quite an easy task but by the half way he starts realizing that while coming back how much weight he is going to carry due to my hyper active nature of shopping.

So we were inside a small vegetables shop owned by an happy heart Afghani vendor. After buying vegetables and fruits, I was about to step out and here it is a small carton of super black plums over ripen. Due to my heavy interest n passion I knew they are something good. I picked up one and rubbed it on my Zara leather jacket arm lightly and chomped. Voila it was super sweet.

And the moment I looked at Kutkut with proud eyes that I found such great plums he gave me flying sign on my backside. Half plum in my mouth I reverted to see both heavy weight Afghanis on my head with rolled eyes.

“Vo purana ho gaya hai!” First one said. “Main fenkne ja raha tha”. Second one admitted. And I was shocked. Third brother yelled from cash counter “bada dil dukhta hai cheezain barbad dekhte huye”. (1st Brother told me those plums are old, second one echoed that he was about to throw them and third one admitted that it is painful to threw them).

So basically it was ultra sweet and ultra soft plums heavy bag which we carried back to home. Kutkut kept giving me all bad looks for buying two kgs of those plums.

Washed and dried, now in a big tray I put those in drying mode of my oven. After two three days when they were ready I gave a big packet to Afghani brothers too. And we had something great to snack upon as well.

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