Sri Lanka is a heaven for family vacations. 

So here I am with all my great experiences of Srilanka visit in this June. Trust me it is one of the best place to visit if you really like greenery too much. It is an amzing destination for those who believe in travelling at simple cost but for big relaxation. I will try to discuss and give you few hints that why as a family you should must visit this small and beautiful country. Srilankans are most happy heart and simple citizens. My kids learnt a by travelling to this country. 

We had been to Kerala last year and we found lot many cultural similarities between Sri Lanka and Kerala. Sri Lanka is less crowded without concrete jungles too. Which we saw in Kochi. Sri Lanka is like opening eyes in heavily forested land. We hired a taxi from the airport for three days stay.Our hotel Cinnamon Citadel was located into Kandy. 

Landing at the Colombo airport was bit bad experience as it is still in to mediaval ages structure without much facilities. Toilet was not maintained too. But when we started our trip it was like freshest air on this Earth going into your lungs. All the way to Kandy we were just stunned by the beauty of this land. 

You will see loads of pottery shops and fruits shops on the way. I really wished to buy a lot many things but our trip was furth to few other countries so controlled  my shopping urges very decently. But if you have no luggae weight problems and this is the only destination than you can buy great fruits and local handicrafts. 


Our taxi driver was a regular highly commercialized guy and forced us to a local tea shop with high prices for the refreshments n tea. Somehow we sensed it then later on refused his smart suggestions to visit particular spice gardens etc. I think I was quite wise for carrying snacks in small packs like dry fruits, baked goods and laddu mathri for both kids. If you have water and snacks you can travel very easily with kids. Hungry kids create more fuss in travelling long distances by road.

We covered first tourist attraction Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage on the way to Kandy. Nothing just over hyped place but very organized way they feed baby elephants in front of you n crowd. There are specific timings for it and after this 30 minutes show they take 7-9 elephants for river bath. So wait for it. Spend some leisure time. But I kept scratching my head all the time that a small country can think about it and we saw 800-900 Japanese and Europeans group enjoying the show cheerfully but why Indian wild life sanctuaries can not opt this easy thing to attract the tourists? 

Our hotel was great. We enjoyed their amazing spread of dinner and breakfast all three days. Ample of local fruits, baked goods, Indian food specialities and quality of each product was amazing. Their rooms were big, bathrooms were huge  and their room service was very quick too. We really felt bad in Taj Vivanta Trivendrum for tiny rooms and pathetic bathrooms at high prices last year. But Cinnamon Citadel is lush green hotel with own boating services. This hotel is having backside river bank. Very stunning back view. 

We started our trip with brunch at Balaji Dosai in Kandy. Very tasty and fresh masala dosa they prepared. We ordered regular thali meal but due to lack of taste in local meals were not able to eat it full. But over all quality was too good. Take your own hand towel or tissue papers. They offer some rough paper only to wipe hands. 

We had been to the Temple of the Tooth( Mahatma Budh’s tooth is preserved here). It is very well kept here. Full of Buddhist monks and full of fresh lotus offerings. One of the most cleanest temple I have seen in my life. They open the views of tooth at 6.30 pm. It is kept upstairs. Down stairs several drummers present awesome beats for two hours continuosly. Please avoid short clothes. 

Our trip to Ceylon museam was eye opeing for the both kids. Multiple story building is very ancient and made of mahogani teakwood. Ticket prices are bit high but the tea they offer in the last is magical indeed. It is situated in the first tea garden of Srilanka. Offers a technical view on the ancient to modern ways of making tea. If you have well behave and quite kids than please  do visit this place. 

The most satisfying place we visited was Mahalaya Bodh Vihar. I have no idea why my husband took us this place where even locals were not presented but the moment we started hiking up it was like direct interaction with our own soul. We all were dead tired but when reached the top it was a breathless view indeed. Walking Budha’s tall statue and surrounding temple is amazingly built. Do visit. Kids will enjoy the little mountaineering. 

Our visit to another Budha temple on top mountain as Big Budha was to check whole Kandy  with bird’s eye view. Again this Budha structure also huge and very tall but in sitting position. Kandy looks mesmeriIng and cool from this temple. The breeze is so magical that you will fall in love with this place. Need some clean cut clicks of Kandy from high place?mThan visit this temple. 

Our final destination in Sri Lanka was Dambula caves. We saw it and it conquered our hearts. Thousands of foreighners to see this place, multiple positions of Budha carved under the mountain blocks and place is damn clean and beautiful. Just avoid the easy staircases as they are full of monkeys. But the main cave complex is well protected with electric fences to avoid the monkey menace. 

We loved Sri Lanka so much. People are very friendly. Just avoid wearing regular revealing or short clothes. Local women are very modest and humbly dressed. Keep some first aid box handy because not much medical shops around. Itis obviously they are living avery happy and peaceful life so not much medicines needed too. 

Please avoid litering in the public places. Sri Lankans are very cleanliness loving people. 

One day I will go back there to live few more days in this green heaven. 

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