Why you must have a baby! (10 reasons for childless couples to have babies).

This article is about being experiencing the wonders of being parents to own or adopted babies. World is full of joy, laughter and smiles when we have those tiny and warm hands on our face. I realy wish all the best to all childless couples reading this post.

1- Having babies means you will have your own extra pair of legs to help u, comfort u and it gives a meaning to life.

2- Any physical emergency and even little kiddo can call for help but your pet will not.

3- Kids gives us reason to take further the knowledge and feelings we have for our society. They are like giving back to Earth and society for what we got from them.

4- Kids are helpful to keep us alive more with happy feelings, company and memories. Coming generations take us places to same places with new views.

5- Kids can give you reason to stand in front of a graduates dias clappjng for their progress and curiousness about their future.

6- Their sickness, disturbing moments and emergency bombs help us in finding ourselves more.

7- Best comfort comes from the kids when they put their tiny hands on our cheeks and tell us “Mommy I am here for you”.

8- The feeling of having own baby gives THAT great feeling of being creator of a coming generations for your family.

9-Pooping is so much important I came to know after my two kids birth only.Same with Maths grade and school home-works.

10- You improve yourself continuously because your own kids are watching.

Kids are so important in the life.Adopt one or give birth to one. Life is useless, selfish, lazy and inhuman without a kid around.

All the best. 🦋

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