Heavy wet cough cure – all spice mix balls. 

It is just quick and sudden change in weather now a days. Here in Qatar it is very hot in day time and cold in night time being dessert area.Most of the time it is cough with phelgum which irritates a lot my little daughter. 

Our options for mediclinic help are very limited because here you can not go and buy medicines as per your own wish like India. Everything in pharmacies need strict doctors only prescriptions to enable you to buy. 
But for cough related problems I am making these cure balls which are really very helpful for kids specialy. 
These balls are very easy to make if you have self grounded spices at home.
Ingredients – (10,12 small balls) 
1- Honey
2- Black pepper – 2 Tbsp

3- Cinnamon powder – 2 Tbsp

4- Black cardamom powder – 2 Tbsp

5- Dry ginger powder – 1 Tbsp

6- Mace (javitri) powder – 1 Tbsp

7- Cloves powder – 1 Tbsp

8- Nutmeg powder- 1 Tbsp 

You can notice that I have not mentioned honey quantity. You need to put honey one tbsp by one tbsp. May be you need three tbsp or only two tbsp honey to make dough of all spices. Indian honey is more liquidy so may be you will need less.
Just mix one tbsp honey in all spices than one more tbsp. When you get small dough than stop mixing more honey. Make small balls and keep in small jar or tupperware box. 
How to consume – One ball in two hours. Just give it for sucking or chewing. It is bit spicy but yes very useful and immediate effects. You will notice sudden stop in high coughs. For very small kids like 4 years plus please make it smaller size. 

Please do not consume if you are in periods or pregnancy.

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