Here you both are back to sleep again!

In a cozy little corner, where the sunbeams gently play,
Lived two cats so lazy, who snored the whole day away.
From sunrise to sunset, they’d slumber and they’d snore,
Their bellies full of treats, oh, what a life they bore!
One was named Sir Snugglepaws, with fur as black as night,
The other, Lady Whiskers, with eyes so shining bright.
They’d curl up on the sofa, their snores in perfect tune,
Dreaming of grand adventures while they slept away till noon.
Oh, Sir Snugglepaws, he loved to eat, his appetite immense,
He’d gobble up his breakfast, then demand a second chance.
From fish to fowl to cheesy bites, he devoured with delight,
His belly round and jiggly, a truly comical sight!
Lady Whiskers, on the other hand, had more refined tastes,
She dined on fancy feasts and caviar without a moment to waste.
She’d lick her paws so daintily, her manners so genteel,
A queen of culinary art, with a sophisticated zeal.
Together, they would nap, their contentment on display,
Dreaming of catching mice and chasing squirrels all day.
But as soon as they awoke, their hunger would arise,
And off they’d go to feast again, with voracious appetites.
They’d scamper to the kitchen, their tails held high with glee,
In search of tasty morsels, as happy as could be.
From tuna treats to catnip snacks, they’d eat without restraint,
Their love for food, a never-ending, insatiable enchant.
So, if you ever see them, those cats so full of bliss,
Remember their grand passion for a life of pure abyss.
For all they do is sleep and eat, but in their own sweet way,
They’ve mastered the art of relaxation, each and every day!

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