Sorry! This is not my India! 

We used to go to the Railway colony Church to light a candle during exams, my childhood mumps were always cured by nearby mosque’s cleric, my school water bottles filled with chabeel ka sharbat (distributed by Gurudwara committees on special occasions) and I was like 0 if it is a matter of remembering anything like bhajan or puja rituals. 

I was not religious at all. Gau raksha, hardcore religious beliefs, kanvars, visits to multibillionaire temples? Are you joking? I mean we never had THAT much money to afford THAT kind of rich trips. 

Only religious trip I remember is my Banney ghosi’s (buffalo owner) very old aged father Chajjan going for Haj by train to Delhi for taking up flight. My father and brother crying on railway station and hugging him tight alongwith hundreds other as we were not sure he will come back even.  

Only religious thing we used to do by heart was delivering fruits and home made gulguleys to nearby mosque for their roza opening because Maulaviji had sweet tooth and being his free students we knew the secret well. 

Only ritual we followed was sweeping the floors of Gurudwara as self service because that was the only way my friend Diljeet and Manpreet taught me cycle riding while commuting there.😂

Today this is not my India. My India was in my childhood. 😪

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