Super soft but crunchy pakoras of chana dal and onion.

Well, if it is a monsoon season or winters you can make these pakoras but yes you need time to make these perfectly soft and crunchy pakoras.

Chana dal needs loads of soaking in fact. When I hear people complaining of stomach aches after having dal pakoras I really wonder that why they are not interested in ancient methods and always wish to make everything in quick way.

So here is my own recipe to make these pakoras in super soft and crunchy but easy on tummy way.


2 Cups chana dal (soak it in the night if you wish to make them next evening that means 12-16 hours of soaking. You will see loads if foam out of water but don’t worry it is good actually because all gas out of the dal goes out. Wash well and put in blender jar without water)

2 Tbsp chana dal (take it out from soaked dal and mix in batter later)

1 Big onion finely chopped by hand

4 Big medium green chillies finely chopped

1 Tbsp ginger garlic paste

1 Tbsp turmeric powder

Salt according to the taste

2 Tbsp red chili flakes

2 Tbsp dry coriander powder or crushed seeds

1/2 Tsp baking soda

Refind oil for frying


1- Grind dal lightly for a coarse paste.

2- Mix in all rest ingredients very well.

3- Heat refind oil in a heavy bottom pan on high first than lower the flame to lowest.

4- Dip hand in water and than start dropping little balls of thick batter into oil.

5- Keep frying till light golden brown.

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