Huge money saver and hassles free hotel bookings! 

I wrote this article last year and in one hour more than 11000 people over FB read this.
Here is the link for this wonderful article which includes my efforts personally I faced during hotel bookings for our multiple countries trip in far east last year.

If you are planning for summer vacation trips in advance, please read my article published at regarding hotel bookings.
I hope you all will like it🙏🏼

15 thoughts on “Huge money saver and hassles free hotel bookings! 

  1. yaswtanu says:

    No wonder 11000 people did read it, the information is very useful. Very informative.
    You are so right about Location Nuisance, the hotels seem to measure aerial distance from the Airport, but in reality, it is a series of traffic-filled twists and turns.

  2. misstalkingfeet says:

    Thanks for providing the information.Some of it came across as a shock to me.I am surprised that I didn’t know them being a frequent traveler.I shall keep some of this stuff in mind

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