7 Real helpful tips for female solo travelers, visiting traditional countries.

1- Try to pack body covered fashionable clothes like maxi with sleeves, long skirts and closed neck and full sleeves cotton tops. Or loose trousers with long sleeves knee length cotton tops.

2- Try to stay in very good class  hotel with free breakfast, pool, gym and massage facility.They even give you fridge, cutlery and microwave to reheat and have your dinner. Check for this for sure. It will be very helpful for you later. Keep reading. 

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3- Try to book to travel in tourists groups buses.For a while you will get good company of financially well off kind. But avoid taxies.

4- Get a good tour guide(opt for masculine and tall female tour guide or a very good looking again tall male tour guide) to be with you always for the local sight seeing.Pressurize him to take you out in the day time only as your camera clicks great pics during day time only. Stay firm for this.Very good looking really matters as they are full of confidence and locals hardly push them on edge in the crowd. 

4- Go for shopping during day time.After 6 pm no outing or partying. Not even getting a pizza from the nearby place. Nope!

5- Grab some local food with some fruits in the day time approx around 4-6 pm in between. Local food means you will enjoy the place in full way as you are enjoying their cultural food/bakeries in a relaxed mode.

6- Come back to the hotel by 6-7 by all means. Make a rule for yourself. No matter what I will be in my hotel. Even if your guide suggests a safe place, tell him that you need to be online for some official work or for a family gathering. Keep making few bogus calls in front of him or her that you will be hotel by 6-7 pm and after that you will call them back. So that your guide understand that you are serious.

7- Stay in hotel. Relax, enjoy hotel amenities/massage and have your local food, check internet.

8- Repeat this schedule until you are back to your home.

Happy journey!

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