Interior decoration tips for the small apartments.

Here I am sharing a recent horrifying experience of mine regarding a house search for a newly married colleague.

We found a two bedrooms, very cute little condo (apartment) for him. One day we joked that why he is not inviting us for dinner since his newly married wife also joined him. He looked quite defensive and ashamed of something. I got suspicious but kept quite.

One evening he called to tell me that he need help as his wife had some food poisoning because she had some old food from fridge. When I visited his house I had shock of my life. That tiny 1150 sq.fts apartment was jam packed with heavy wooden n clay art effects, 11 big paintings,6 huge indoor plants, huge n heavy furniture and a huge 700 plus ltrs. fridge.

It was almost impossible to breathe freely as she hanged big paintings on the windows also.I felt bad but controlled my sadness.

Being a part time Interiors Consultant what I suggest for small apartments is –

1- Living room –

a- Pls avoid too much decorative items.

b- A big mirror on the wall will give immediate double effect to it.

c- Keep minimum furniture and sleek one only. Heavy items actually give congested look.

d- Go for lightest wall shades and all in all one shade only because keeping bright wall or one wall in different shade gives stress to the eyes. As it creates confusion for eyes in color settlement.

e- Same with carpet. If house is tile floored pls avoid carpets because it creates health hazards and puts extra load on your air conditioning system for cooling.

f- Keep curtains heavy and light shades to give a bigger look to the apartment. Red, brown, green or blue shades with golden or silver create anxiety to all family members and guests as well. They all feel depressed and uneasiness in a short while.

g- Do you know the fact that lesser items you have in your living room more cleaner image of the house lady reflects.It gives an immediate image of super clean house in one go.

2- For kids room –

a- One beautiful n big wall clock, bright n beautiful bed sheet with light embroidery and soft tone curtains – all you need is enough for the kids room.

b- Avoid bunk beds as it takes so much space and creates rough breathing area.

c- Never keep doormats inside the home except outside the bathroom. Always try to keep a big, thick fury and cheap doormat outside the main door if the apartment is quite small.

d- Too many things on wall create mental misbalance for the kids. Better let them have a soft board at study table to keep things in cleaned way like their time tables, pictures and study plans. Clean walls keep them focused in the studies.

e- You can keep a small glass jar filled with cookies or candies on their bedside or study table. It gives a warm feeling of being home to the kids.

f- Try your best to keep only one TV in home to see things together and control its watching time too.

g- Please do avoid keeping huge flower pots or indoor plants if you have a packed kind of apartment with ACs running all the time. Many indoor plants can cause mental stress and high blood pressure problems as recent studies suggests.

h- Huge flower pots gain dust gradually and also become house for small insects too.

3- For kitchen –

a- Keep minimum required utensils. Buying 3-4 dinner sets is a big NO NO even if you throw parties often. Better use evo friendly use n throw plates, spoons and glasses rather than storing 40-50 kgs of crockery.

b- Better buy a 4 burner gas stove rather than to go for a huge cooking range.

c- Keep the working platform very simple and free. Try to get magnetic wall knives holder and spoons holder too. It will

give you loads of free space on the counter.

d- You can try keeping every cooking ingredient inside the drawer to give your kitchen a bigger look.

e- More magnets on your fridge more clumsy your kitchen will look for sure.

f- Buy fridge what you need for actually.Not by the competition that “they got this big I will get more bigger”. Bigger the fridge bigger the energy n food waste.

g- Your dining table is going to be least used so better buy what is your family size actually not for those once in a while kind of guests. 4 Persons in a family means you need two persons table.

4- For bathrooms –

a- Always take out bathrobes and towels once they are used.Never let them be there in the bathroom.

b- Always keep your toothbrushes covered.

c- Too much toiletries gives a quite bad look to your bathroom.So better buy two things classy rather than 20 cheap things.

d- Never put a doormat inside the bathroom.

e- Try to buy best air fresheners for bathroom not the cheap ones.

f- Clean the bath room mirrors regularly.

5- For master bedroom –

1- Keep it as simple as you can.

2- Avoid heavy beds, heavy curtains, heavy decorative items and heavy dressing tables.

3- A big NO to too many mirrors in the mirror.If possible never keep a dressing table in bedroom. It creates breathing hazards for the sleeping person.

4- Their shall be one window in each room of the house for the natural day light.

In a simple manner best thing for decorating small apartments is to have few big n beautiful mirrors, light shades on the walls and curtains and to avoid heavy items at all.

Happy life!

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