Methi-Moong ke Ram Laddu!

I am missing India now a days. Too much! These light winter days are for scrolling in heavily crowded Sarojini Nagarmarket,South Delhi. Not for sleeping whole day being home alone in Qatar. 
So here is my story of making methi moong ke Ram Laddus. I am growing loads of methi(fenugreek) in my kitchen garden. So I tried a different but very healthy n tasty yumm yumm version of Ram laddus. 

Success was too surprising as I heard “one more plate” from living room.But when I tasted them myself it was too crispy n tasty indeed.

Please try if you can find green methi(fenugreek) in nearby markets. 

Ingredients – (40 medium balls)

1 Cup yellow moong dal soaked for two hours and drained well

1 Cup Suji (semolina)

2 Cup Besan (Chickpea flour)

2 Cup methi washed n chopped (Fenugreek leaves)

1 Big onion peeled n chopped (Optional)

6-8 Big garlic cloves peeled n chopped

1 Cup green corriander leaves washed n chopped 

4-6 Green chillies chopped 

1/4 Cup Dry corriander seeds or powder

4 Tbsp salt (according to ur taste)

2 Tbsp sugar

1 Tbsp Baking soda

1 Cup milk

2 Tbsp Ajwain seeds

1 Tbsp Heeng

1 Tbsp black pepper powder

1 Tbsp Tatri powder 

1/2 Cup grated ginger

1/4 Cup hot oil

Method –

1- Mix n grind all very well.If batter is thick then mix little more milk. It should be semi thick batter. 

2- Keep aside for one hour.

3- Fry in heated deep oil with putting medium size spoon batter for one ball.

4- Fry at low medium heat till golden brown.

5- Serve with grated redish (mulinka ka kas) and pudina dhaniya khatti chutney.

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2 thoughts on “Methi-Moong ke Ram Laddu!

  1. Anuradha says:

    I think u should rewrite it by separating the chutney ingredients and moong dal laddu ingredients differently. Coz if u put dhaniya and mint in the mixture and going they will turn out to be green . And what’s the substitute for tatri ?? We don’t get in our Indian store ..

    • Prachi Varshney says:

      Hi, Very good morning to u, Thanks for attention to details.

      Pls can u check again? Mint is not there in the recipe, it is only green methi n green dhania.

      Tatri is lemon salt. If it is not availabke then pls squeeze one small lemon juice in to it or u can use dry mango powder(amchoor) too. Yes it will be green balls but due to sooji not that green actually.

      Chutney ingredients are not there in the recipe because green chutney u can make as per ur choice. I make little watery one so that balls can soak it little to increase the taste.

      Have a nice day! Hugs!

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