Methi-palak ke lehsuni naan! 

Now a days my kitchen garden’s pots are in full bloom of spinach, mustard and fenugreek leaves. So I am using them a lot in my daily cooking. 

Today I made palak paneer and naans with green twist n tadka. If you can try these kind of healthy naans, trust me you will never go back to the regular naans. 
Here is the recipe for fenugreek and spinach naans with garlic tadka. 
Ingredients – (makes 12 medium naans) 
1- 2 Cups of maida (All purpose flour) 
2- 2 Cups of wheat flour (Ata)

3- 1 Cup Suji (Semolina)

4- 1 Cup desi ghee

5- Curd to knead the dough

6- 1 Tbsp ajwain 

7- 1 Tbsp baking soda

8- 1 Tbsp instant yeast

9- 3 Tbsps salt

10- 2 Tbsps sugar  

11- 2 Cups chopped fresh methi (fenugreek leaves)

12- 2 Cups chopped fresh palak (spinach leaves) 

13- 1 Cup crushed fresh garlic 

Method – 
1- Heat Desi ghee very well and mix in garlic. Close the flame immediately. 
2- Now in a mixer put all ingredients and make dough.

3- Start adding curd half cup by half cup till the semi soft dough is done. 

4- Put this dough in greased bowl and cover with warm water wet hand towel.

5- Keep this dough aside for 4-5 hours at least so that semolina get melted into the flour.

6- Make naans and smother with butter or desi ghee very well.  

Naan making on tava trick ~ (without tandoor or oven)

1- Roll the naan as per ur own desired size n shape.

2- Heat your normal tava to high heat.

3- Spread water on side of naan.

4- Stick this wet side of naan to tava and strongly press with fingers or cloth or tissue paper.

5- Now naan is grilling from heated side and hold this tava upside down over the gas flame and grill the naan well.

6- Flip back tava on flame and scrap the naan with sharp spatula.

7- Most convevidnt n quick way to make naan.

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