Navratri fasts – Kaju ~kali mirch namkeen! 

I made it first time last year and now it is a must for my Navratri fastings. Very easy to make if you follow the instructions exact point to point. Please try if you are looking for ultra rich flavor of Kaju. 

Ingredients – 

1 Cup Kaju (cashews) 

1/2 Cup white peanuts (without skin one) 

1/2 Cup dry coconut slices (gola) 

1 Cup thick sago(mota sabudana)

1 Tbsp Kali mirch (black pepper) powder

1 Tbsp vrat salt (sendha namak)

1 Tbsp powdered sugar (skip it if you do not want sweet taste) 

Fresh refind Oil for deep frying. 

(All things should be very fresh)

Method – 

1- In a big bowl put sago(sabudana) and wash it.

2- Strain all water from sago and keep aside for 15-20 minutes.(Must do)

3- Deep fry coconut till lightest brown than cashews and peanuts on lowest possible heat.

4- Coconut shall be chopped further into smallest pcs.

5- Make powder of half cashews and chop the other half quantity.

6- Now heat oil again and put all sago into it and lower the flame. 

7- Fry sago till it is crushed well between finger pinches. It will take around 6-7 minutes approx.

8- Now take it out in a palte on teh tissue paper. 

9- After 10 minutes mix all things in a bowl and let it cool than store in airtight jar. 

** Refind oil should be fresh

*** Ask any kid around to check if the sago is crunchy or thick inside. 

**** Fry some fresh curry leaves and crush it to mix in this namkeen for extra flavor. 

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