Nutty~Fruity Mix(yum yum jam of fruits n nuts)! 

It has been my seasonal recipe for several years but now I am sharing it so that can also make this magical jam at home.

It is a jam but I use it for milk shakes, curd smoothies, cake fillings and apple fried pies too.

It needs only one hour to make and damn easy too. This year I had no plans to make it but my kids started missing it a lot. Starwberries are pretty cheap now a days so finally I end up in making this nutty jam again. I made it because it tastes great with Marie biscuits cake too. 

But best use of it is for my both kids who start very early for their school so I mix this jam with milk or curd smoothies because it contains almonds and cashews too. So they reach school with a healthy n energetic breakfast sort of thing. 

Ingredients –

8-10 Cups of washed,cleaned and chopped in to halves strawberries

4 Big bananas over riped

1 Vanilla bean broken into small pcs

3 Cups of powdered almonds and cashews

1/4 Cup fresh lemon juice

4-6 Cups of sugar (depends how sweet you want to make it)

Method –

1- Take a heavy bottom pan and line it with half qty of the sugar and lemon juice

2- Put chopped fruits over this sugar n lemon juice layer and sprinkle rest of the sugar with lemon juice over it.

3- Start stirring it after bubbles are foaming up.

4- After 10 minutes if mixing and stirring add powdered nuts.

5- Mix very well with a whisk and keep storring every 5 minutes till a drop of jamsets straight  like same shape drop in a glass of water.

6- When the qty of total ingredients reduces to half jam is done.

7- When jam starts leaving the pan wall, it is done.

8- You can mix spoon full of it to make pineapple raita more delicious.

9- You can use it more longer if refrigerated.

10- You can mix it in fried well suji(semolina) for making strawberry halva.

11- While making milk peda or barfi adding this mic will give great outcome.

12- It is a real multi purpose jam indeed.

Pls try it as real vanilla bean and banana gives this jam a mind blowing flavor.

Yummmmmy! 😛

Jam making process in pics! 

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