Quick weight loss powder! 

This powder contains ajwain, jeera and methidana(carom seeds,cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds). Warm tendency, digestion and fiber.

If you are already excercising and walking to loose weight, please start taking this powder and it will give extra boost to your weight loss efforts. 

Take one cup of each seeds. Lightly roast in a heavy bottom pan for 2-3 minutes only. Cool it down. Grind and store in an air tight jar. 

Now morning time take one tbsp of this with hot enough to drink water. Not luke warm water.

Every night again take it with lukewarm water not hot water after having dinner. It is a trick to take maximum advantage of this powder. 

Morning we will take hot water because we keep working and moving whole day. It gives instant mix of this powder to tummy. 

Evening time body is relaxed so we need less hot water. 

Start taking it with a precaution that you have no piles problem or constipation. Otherwise this powder can create some health issues. 

After one week give one week break. Start again. Keep doing this for 2-3 months. Notice that hip, thighs, shoulders and lower belly weight melted down so quickly.

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