One magical trick to boost happiness in your kids.

I am starting this post with “magical” word because we the Moms are actually magical ourselves. We are magicians every moment in the process of raising our kids. Isn’t it? 

The magic trick to boost happiness in your kid is all about dealing with their low self esteem, abusive behavior, sibling rivalry and bullying nature towards other kids of the out of home world.Seven years back I lost my very young husband to swine flu in India. 

My son was only 7 years that moment. Very soon I got remarried and relocated to Qatar with my second husband. I was under immense pressure of new settlement of personal relationship with a perfectionist and very strict husband, from a director of a construction company to low profile housewife now, managing own two toddlers and two teenager step sons too, all household jobs without household and then joined new job in an airlines too.

All this was a very hectic and the social pressures (including several relatives mental n verbal harassment to me) was immense. But obvious my both little kids 7 years old son and 2 years old daughter startedgetting  neglected.  I was busy in job, cooking, cleaning and crying in bathroom a lot. 

My son lost his father, relocated to new country and was missing his school friends terribly. He started retaliating back to me and his younger sister all together. Fighting, peeing in bed and being busy in himself all the time.
After several years all behavior therapies were useless and the problem was same. But one day I noticed that whenever I sleep with my kids, next day they are very polite and well behaved. 
I got the trick now in my hand. Everyday agter retutning from the office I started giving two hours to each kid. Noon time when they come back from the school I started sleeping with my daughter for two hours and in the night I sleep with my son for two hours.
It works. Please try. You are a mother. Your gentle talks, body smell and warmness soothes your kids mind and he feels more secure and relaxed. They knows well that next day you are coming back to them. It gives a big confidence to them that you are always there to be with them.
Sometimes when I have less time, I sleep in between them.We talk about everything on this Earth including their dreams and my failures too. They know well I have nothing yo hide from them. They know I will never be able to move on from their own Papa’s death.
They have confidence in my capabilities and they are back in my touch too. Forever! 

Try this trick for 2 weeks and set an alarm for yourself secretly. See the difference in their social behavior immediately. 
Happy parenting! 

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