One superb product for anti aging and dandruff treatment.

Trust me, this is not any paid propaganda at all. It is my own experience for the amazing Patanjali product.

So if you do not wish to buy Baba Ramdev products. Fine! But just buy any organic Aloe vera thing and hopefully it will work same.

This year while coming back from India I bought a tube for my friend’s use. K was curious so I bought one for me too. Cost is 165/- per tube of 150 ml.

I started using it in the night and early morning. Night time as a night cream and early morning as a face pack. To be very frank I was not sure of its results and as I was already satisfied with Oriflame’s high priced night creams.

I was shocked to see my skin after a week. I was shining like anything. Later on my friend told me that she is using them for hair dandruff.

I used it once for my daughter’s hairs and wowww in one wash dandruff eloped actually. Than I used it few more times and dandruff is actually eloping from her head.

So far I used loads of aloe vera things but this product is bestest best to my own experience. May be because it is very much in demand so it is always available as fresh stock.

So I feel that you all can give aloe vera a try for skin related issues and dandruff treatment. May be it will work like wonder.

All the best!

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