Rapid weight loss by your own herbal tea and few tricks.

Weight loss is a not an easy task but it is not a very hard task too.

All you need is little tricks to reduce it in proper manner.

Each India trip turns me into loads of weight with nom noms on loads of mangoes, golgappas, chat and sweets(of course).

On my return my first priority is cleaning my home as well as loosing all that fat on my bums, underarms and tummy.

So finally I saw my self loosing a lot and very rapidly because now I know there is a simple pattern to loose it wisely.

1- In the morning the moment I m out of bed I keep 1 cup water for high 30 seconds in microwave. Now I sit and drink it.

I am also not taking any dinner too. After 5 pm evening I never eat anything. I am taking smoothies or jeera curd salted lassi only. Not even salads.

2- I keep another cup of water for 2 minutes in microwave. Now I put few fresh leaves of tulsi leaves, 1 Tsp ajwain(carom seeds) and 1 Tbsp brown Jeera (regular cooking jeera) in it. After 30 minutes of approx I sit and drink it all in 3 big sips/gulps.

DID you noticed anything special in above two statements?

I SIT and drink it. Never ever stand and drink warm water or water. Just sit and drink. It makes difference.

Repeat this process in night too before sleeping.

And yes follow this routine with 10 minutes brisk walking or kapalbhati or back push ups too. Exercises actually help our body in digesting food, melting the fat and burning calories.

**Situation warning – I tried using cinnamon powder with warm water but it gave me acute piles so I stopped using it. I have also tried drinking fresh lemon juice in warm water but my toothaches triggered.

And yes my sugar intake also quite low. Just try to avoid loads of sugar based things once you start weight loss schedule. All the best.

So finally I started with mild herbs instead of converting my digestive system and intestines into railway engines by putting so many hot ingredients’s pressure.

All the best!

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