Palak bread cutlets with dashing paneer! 

Lol…. My kids call paneer “dashing person”. Which makes surpise entries in dinner. Today we had palak bread cutlets with paneer (cottage cheese) in it. It is actually a very very easy recipe if you have bread in kitchen. Just make sure that you have fresh bread not the old one.

Ingredients (makes 14 big cutlets) ~

1- 10 Bread slices

2- 4 cups chopped palak (spinach)

3- 6 Green chillies

4- 1/2 Cup grated fresh garlic (optional) n ginger

5- 2 big onions peeled n chopped

6- 3-4 Tbsp salt and 1 Tsp baking soda mixed well

7-1 Tbsp Black pepper powder

8- 4 Tbsp corriander powder

9- 4 Tbsp corn flour

10- 1 Tbsp red chilli powder

12- 2 Tbsp desi ghee for mixing in dough

14- Paneer cubes – 14-16

15- Fresh refind oil for frying

Method ~

1- In a food processor put all bread slices and make finest bread crumbs.Take it out.

2- Now put all rest ingredients except frying oil, paneer cubes and bread crumbs , in the food processor and blend very well.

3- Add bread crumbs to this mix and again blend well.

4- You have a very soft dough now. Take it out. 

5- Make balls and put one paneer cube in each.

6- Deep fry in medium heated oil.

7- Serve with green chutney or tomato sauce.

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