U.P. wala Teekha cheela! (Spicy cabbage n cucumber pancake)

I love winters a lot! It is my favorite cooking season. I stay in kitchen for cooking so that I can keep myself warm cozy near the gas stove. Heeeee Heeee Heeeee.😂
This is again my favorite recipe. I keep experimenting with besan to make crispy and tasty versions of besan ke cheele. 
So here is a very spicy recipe of cheela. One request to you all.
If you do not like very spicy food then pls do not make it because it contains cabbage and cucumber which requires spiciness to remove the basic pungent flavor of both veggies. 

Ingredients – (For 3-4 medium cheelas) 
1 Cup Besan (Chickpea flour)
1/2 Cup Suji (Semolina)

1 Cup peeled n grated red onion

1 Cup grated fresh cabbage

1 Cup grated fresh cucumber

1/2 Cup grated fresh ginger and garlic

1/2 Cup green coriander finely chopped

1/4 Cup (YES 1/4 cup) finely chopped green chillies

2 Tbsp salt

2 Tbsps (YES 2 Tbsps) red chilli powder or flakes

2 Tbsp dry coriander powder

1 Tbsp ajwain 

1 Tbsp jeera

4 Tbsp melted desi ghee or mustard oil

1 Cup water

Non Stick Tava or pan a must. 

1- Mix all (if u like threads n crunch mix like this or blend this all lightly)
2- Heat non stick tava or pan, lightly grease it and spread 1 cup batter on it in round and maximum big shape possible.

3- Cover it with big plate or lid.Keep the flame lowest.

4- After 3-4 minutes remove the cover and now roast it crisp by pressing with a heavy spatula.

5- Serve with tomato sauce or green chutney. 

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