Superb, no churn,easiest mango & coconut ice cream!

It was a lazy Friday morning and I was just doing something in the kitchen related to breakfast preparation.

I saw two big Pakistani chausa mangoes lying in the fridge. Thought quickly of making this ice cream.

It is actually one of the best ice cream I have ever made in my life.

So please give a check to your kitchen ingredients before making this by my recipe because each thing which I used is a MUST.

Ingredients ~

2 Big mangoes (without threads in pulp ones)

1 Cup coconut powder

1 small can cream (I used Nestle’s)

1/2 Cup sugar (powdered)

1/4 Cup condensed milk (I used Nestle’s)

2 Tbsp mango essence (mine left little yellowish color too)

Method ~

1- Pls note that this ice cream needs no repeat churning.

2- Mix and blend all ingredients very finely.

3- Pour into silicon or aluminum tin and wrap it with cling wrap.

4- Freeze for 6-8 hours.(I made it a 6 am approx and too it out at 8.45 pm)

5- It is very soft and creamy kind of ice cream so you can serve it with crispy hot waffles too(my son loves that way only).

Next time I will try replacing mangoes with pineapple to see the results😂

Al the best!

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