Six healthy options for stronger heart !

Do you know recent reseraches show that in 1960s several sugar and oil industries started creating myths for locally produced healthy food options with the help of corporate medical comapnies. It helped them in boosting their sales. So here is a post which can elaborate that how beneficials is our own locally produced food options for a stronger heart. 

1- Gur (गुड़) ~ 

If you can than replace your sugar box with gur today itself. Reason is that sugar comes after a long process of chemical cleaning. It is almost like a white poison. Gur you can buy from farmers markets directly for more purvquality. Studies prove that it is very good for bones, skin and heart. 

2- Almonds (बादाम) ~ 

Almonds are best options for making vegan milk and gluten free flour. It contains anti aging vitamins and its oil is very good for skin too. By every day newest studies prove that our ancestors had great place for almonds in recipies or health related supplements because they knew it is king of food indeed. 

3- Mustard oil(सरसों का तेल) ~ 

Sarson ka tel or mustard oil was once rehected by US autgorities because of a funny point that rats were not able to digest it but 40-50 years later they came up with  new theory that it is actually very much beneficial for heart health because of unstatured fats it contains. But by that time they ruined a big oil industry already to promote highly chemicalized n cheap palm oil. Which is very harmful for heart and creates cancer cells too. So stop using cheap refind oil and use mustard oil manufactured by good company. 

4- Desi ghee(देसी घी)  ~ 

Desi ghee was produced in homes majorly in the ancient time but than lack of time in fast paced life, readymade options with loads of adulteraltion took over. If your routine allows and oil consumption is quite low  than try to make it at home. Home made is always better than market ones. Desi ghee actually boost our immune system and its fragrance give immense satisfaction in having food. 

5- Cabbagge(बंदगोभी) ~ 

Cabbage? Yes! Do you know how powerful it is for your instestines related health? It contains beneficial nutrients like vitamin C and others like manganese, dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin B1, folate, copper,choline, phosphorus, vitamin B2, magnesium, calcium, selenium, iron, pantothenic acid, protein and niacin,so high in quantity that for your intestines there is nothing else to give strength everyday. After certain age your intestines needs less fat but more green roughage for cleaning itself. Try to include it in your diet every second day. 

6- Coconut oil(नारियल का तेल) ~ 

Most beneficial oil sinces ages in India. It is said that it is even ancient before olive oil. Drink it, massagebody or make food. Use it any way but it will just give you good impact on health nothing else. One of the most beneficial thing nature gave us so far. No wonder our Indian ancestors offered it as first thing to God during rituals. 

All above things are actually belong to our own culture but we are so highly influenced by western culture that we start believing our own rituals when western researches prove that our elders were always right. Just like we have less enthusiasm in making own sweets but we order chemicals containing heavy fondants cakes for birthday parties. So better we get back to our basic health options. 

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