Stop smuggling yourself.

1- Earth is for all. There should be no boundaries for anybody. Thai rescue operation proved that all humans come together when it is a matter of deep crisis.

2- If boundaries are there, please respect it. Follow the rules and never give a single chance to any country to declare you illegal.

3- Where your grandparents belong that is your own country.Stay, earn and develop there.

4- Each government makes its own efforts to make its own citizens life better, you are smuggling yourself in the name of better life. Learn from Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. They were well educated but still stayed back and worked in their own countries forever.

5- Money is not everything. Never try to smuggle yourself into danger and as well as any of your own family members. You might be creating a huge ruckus for your own family as well as for yourself too.

6- Better life is where you are getting enough deep sleep without any fear.See those birds who migrate to long distances with great efforts to n fro. Even they return back to their own destination each year after certain time period.

7- Love your family, yourself and your dream. We got enough caliber to start and work anywhere but staying back to the roots is the best option. Try to send one or two persons legally if it is a matter of survival so that he can work and send money back home.

All the best.👍🏻

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