When they degrade you, upgrade yourself.

1- The moment you start upgrading people start degrading yourself. It is totally not about you at all. It is their insecurities about not able to do what you are trying to achieve in life.

2- You have one life and two choices. Listen to your heart and mind or you go according to people’s plan to bring you down.

3- All you need is few deep breathes, a dirty look on face for these people so that they can see clearly and cunning smile in mind for letting them know that they are idiots.

4- Never smile back on this kind of haters. Those days are gone when you throw smiles to show off that you don’t care. Hurt is hurt. Spill it out and show it truly. Let them feel happy that second and guilt later.

5- This is a human tendency to hate others for obvious reasons. One step up means you are leaving a vacuum for such scums.

6- All you need is focus, dedication and hard work. Commit yourself for self praises so that you can move ahead of such people.

7- Mention it. And repeat these words in front of others that who said what? Lot many times people degrade others silently in the corner but it your job to let others know how you are being treated.

8- Degrading others uselessly is a kind of u punishable social crime. It comes from old deep hatred not all of sudden. Mind it. Stay away from such people.

9- Write 5 good things about you and read it every second day. Keep changing the list too.

All the best.

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