Ten great gifts to buy from Doha Qatar.

Every summers n every winters we the expats go back to our country.We try to buy best or big quantity of gifts. But now a days it is getting difficult to satisfy the relatives back home because everybody want a quality product.So here after my 6-7 years of experience in buying and gifting I am trying to suggest you few things so that you can buy them without any confusion.

1- Canon Bed sheets – Double bed sheet with pillow cover is around 50 Qrs and you can find them in the furnishing section of Lulu Hypermarket.Trust me the prints and quality is too good.Very beautiful gift if the person you want to gift is very tasteful.

2- Coffee mugs – Great prints on coffee mugs and the best ones comes from Vileroy & Bosch in City Center (Opp.to Star Bucks Coffee shop) or from Laura Ashley in Ezdan Mall on first floor.They can be from 40 to 150 Qrs but a treasure gift for someone with a good taste for ceramics.You can a lot many great ceramics from these good brands.

3- Baking tools – Voila! Lakeland Stores in Gulf Mall, Doha Festival City and City Center alongwith Wiltons n Tavola are such a big help in finding baking tools and cleaning tools etc..Here is an idea for you.Visit them n collect their catalog.See it multiple times at home and decide what you wanna gift actually.They have great collection of baking,measuring and food preparation things.Your known ones will be utterly delighted to get something of use.

4- Bun Al Ameed – Search for this coffee spices and dry fruits shop.One is in Matar Qadeem. They have amazing collection of dry fruits, Arabic sweets, spices and saffron.Trust me their prices are great and they have lot of surprising items to buy.You will be thankful to me after visiting them.Very clean and well maintained shop indeed.

5- Souq Waqif spices – It is one of the most great market in Qatar to buy spices, dry fruits and amazing collection of candies. You will return with kgs of things in hand I can guarantee for it. What my suggestion is that to count how many relatives you wanna gift and plus two extra packs.Now ask the sales person to make 1/2 kg or 1 Kg packs of combination of dry fruits or candies in one pack.You will get quality n quantity with variation too.Kids loved it a lot.

6- Textiles – Visit Al Sadd or Souq Al Deera or Souq Al Aseeri.You will find great velvets, satins, chiffons, cottons or net for dresses.You have to have measurements with accurate requirement for a dress.You can buy multiple textiles and gift them to your family members.

7- Creme 21 – I have no idea if it is available in India or not but I keep buying them a lot whenever they are in sale in hyper markets.Because my female relatives love this cream and so many ladies started keeping spare buttons in the empty beautiful orange box instead of throwing that.Once I took I took 40 of them all big one and still so many ladies remind me about this cream.It is a multi purpose cream and very thoughtful gift indeed.

8- Nutella Big Jar – It is rare to find everywhere in India as even smaller one or mid sized are priced heavily.So grab a big jar or few of them and treat your special ones with special gift.Kids will love you for this gift.It is available in Lulu also.

9- Laptops – Two weeks back I got a Dell laptop for my daughter from Lulu D ring road for Qrs 799.00 and actually it was for 22000 INR in India when I tried to search for it online.Same with several schemes.Once I saw Nikon D-32 for 999.00 Qrs on Luluwebstore.com. Keep a check on schemes with alert eyes.You can get great gifts for very good prices indeed.

10- 3 Dimesion wall stickers – You can get them in Al Raunaq shop at Old Airport Road, next to Oriental Bakery.They are priced at 8 Qrs but looks amazing on walls. Very beautiful indeed.

** If you wish to buy garments always wait for buy one get one scheme.

Happy vacations!

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