These are most important wedding photography tricks to follow to get pictures like Anushka Sharma’s wedding.

Everybody was stunned and shocked and mesmerized to see the beautiful shy bride and stunning groom’s pictures. In fact people thought it is a brand campaigning. But when the pictures started pouring out, everything on internet in India was on still for few days.

Their wedding pictures rocked the whole universe it seemed. Cute, lovely and blushing. Both of them(Anushka and Virat) were looking just like a fairytale couple. Although it was a whooping estimated wedding but still lot many details to attention kind of things can create same kind of wedding pictures for you too.

1- Keep mouth closed – when wedding ceremonies are in process, your teeth out looks gives a very weird look to pictures. Everybody loves sincerely your’s looks on the faces of bride n grooms. Take your marriage seriously and look bit shy. Check Anushka’s mehndi pictures too. She looked perfect girlish shy bride to be kind of girl. In all aspects. Lovely smile with head little down. Open mouth laughs makes pictures weird. All in all try to keep mouth closed. If possible.

2- Make it simple n vibrant – According to the ceremonies choose jewels and clothes. Trying to do over means it will look rich but weird. Skin colors actually matters with photography. Light color skin goes well with subtle pinks and vibrants but little dark side or blackish tone skins look great in vibrant colors aa they add more glamour to the looks. It applies to grooms as well.

3- Hairstyling – Youth reflects from the open hairs. Keeping it tied means getting older woman kind of pictures. Use hair extensions and make a fuller head for mehndi ceremony. Head down and hairs coming down this is what Anushka flaunts and she made it to the most perfect bride look in all hearts.

4- Pairing with groom – Loud jewels or very vibrant clothings shall be a big no no for the groom. Virat look best with that sehra and subtle colored sherwani. Their paired both of them very beautifully. Color coordination is a must. Let the bride shine like pole star and groom remain glittering like universe around her.

5- Keep the look – For few days Anushka kept her bridal look with chura and bindi. This thing melted and made lot many not so people her fan too. Rituals matter in India. Everything related to religious things make people go in favor of the bride. They start respecting and loving more. Only cunning in heart and jealous friends advise to go modern immediately after marriage. Always follow rituals looks for few days.

All the best.

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