Tips to be a progressive teenager?

Just trying to be bit supportive(and emotional as well).

1- Respect your parents and follow their advises sincerely. They will never misguide you.They spend on you to see you well settled and more successful in life.

2- Life is all about good things and hard work/efforts behind it. If you are already rich, you need to do hard work to maintain it. If you are not you need to do hard work to get and give good things in future.

3- Maintain high quality hygiene and good numbers. Always. It matters. Good personality comes with hygiene which gives you confidence and good grades follow the confidence.

4- Never ever give priority to outsiders instead of your own family members. Friends you will get millions but family members are own. You will never get a blood relative again. Respect and love them always. Happy family picture are much needed in society rather than partying pictures.

5- Be a role model if you are a boy so that other families kiddos get inspired. Be a role model if you are a girl so that lot many boys get happy heart wives.

6- If you are a boy focus on saving since start so that one day you can have a good bank balance to fulfill your dreams and your family dreams as well. If you are a girl focus on savings first so that one day you will be respected by your spouse for being helpful.

All the best.

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