Whispering secrets of flavors!

In the morning’s gentle embrace, I rise,
To savor flavors, a delightful surprise.
A breakfast tale, woven with delight,
Of hummus and bread, from the starry night.
Leftovers of Arabic fare, a treasure untold,
Whispering secrets of flavors, bold and bold.
The hummus, a creamy canvas, smooth and divine,
Touched by spices, a symphony in every line.
With humble bread as my faithful guide,
I embark on a journey, my senses open wide.
The aroma dances, as memories unfold,
Of shared laughter and stories, precious and gold.
As I dip my bread into the hummus sea,
A taste of enchantment fills the air around me.
The tangy garlic, a celestial kiss,
Mingling with lemon’s zesty bliss.
Each bite unveils a tale of distant lands,
Where ancient spices dance on desert sands.
Cumin and paprika, a vibrant affair,
Transforming simple ingredients with flair.
The bread, a companion, rustic and true,
Absorbing tales of the night, as it’s meant to do.
It cradles the hummus, a vessel so kind,
Uniting flavors, in harmony they bind.
With each delicious morsel, my spirit awakes,
A symphony of flavors, a journey it takes.
From the humblest of feasts, a feast of the soul,
A breakfast of memories, forever untold.
So let us savor the remnants of the night,
Embrace the magic, bask in its light.
For in these leftovers, a story unfolds,
A breakfast of hummus and bread, forever cherished and bold.

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