How to dump a tricky boyfriend!

So it is your life full of wonderful personal moments but when it comes to the question of getting married he becomes abusive and humiliating?

This is a big question I keep getting in my Facebook social help account’s inbox every second day. Girls living happily with own good earnings or sometimes they are dependents on boyfriend’s earnings too. So in the name of “I am taking great care of you” he is using his girl as a bedroom toy.

Girls often cry and ask me “what to do”? Lot many times boy are deeply involved with their families but not ready to introduce the girls to their family. And whenever question of marriage arrives (obviously every pair of parents wish to see their girl at the alter taking marriage vows). Isn’t?

So let us not talk more about conditions and find out the solutions first.

1- Snoop – Make sure you are doing right kind of thing. Snoop upon him. Go around his office timings and weekends. From far stay around and check if he is married already or having other girls in his life. May be he comes out clean still if he is not ready for marriage he is of no use for you.

2- Image builder – If he is showing his family of his clean image may be he is doing same to u. May be he is showing his family and his relatives that he is a super guy for marriage by not introducing you to them. Bump in to his family or relatives in any market or shop and show them that how close you are to him. Take every step carefully and let him know that you are not doll for use and throw purpose.

3- Options – Yes! Start looking for options. Before he dumps you for his wife from same religion and rituals following tribe you dump him in garbage. Start keeping yourself busy in other chores. Like start being with your family when he plans to come. Enroll yourself for social activities into his neighborhood and ask him if he wish to join too.

4- Safety first – AND please be SAFE before you start DENIAL game. He can be arrogant and attacking. So better take care of your life first. Now start denying the possibilities of personal

meets forever. How much you miss him, how much eager you are to meet him just burry the desires and close the doors for him forever. Take control of your life and body.

5- Get away and more social – Move on to other city where you got few close friends and relatives. Stay with them, start a new job and get a new boyfriend who is ready to make commitment to you as life partner. Just do it and leave this person who is not ready to give you social space for emotional needs. You are a human being and you deserve respect.

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